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Karma Cure

Karma Cure Hemp Soap Bar (4oz.)


Go Greener and Get Cleaner

Get a thorough clean while keeping your lifestyle green with Karma Cure Hemp Soap. This bar soap cuts out all of the nasty ingredients commonly dumped into soap and just keeps the good stuff. You won’t have to worry about artificial fragrances and dyes, nor parabens, allergens, GMOs and phthalates. Instead, you’ll be getting a reliable cleansing with a special blend of natural hemp seed oil, coconut oil and sorbitol. Each bar of hemp soap packs 500mg of hemp seed oil, so start scrubbing today and feel the difference.

  • Vegan and animal-friendly
  • Free from parabens, allergens, GMOs and phthalates
  • Key ingredients: natural hemp seed oil, coconut oil and sorbitol
  • 110g bar contains 500mg hemp seed oil