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Be Lit Brand

Be Lit Munchies Collection 12oz Odor Eliminating Terpene Candle, Cinnamon Sugar Donut


Be Lit Munchies Collection 12oz, Cinnamon Sugar Donut

Sink your senses into the pillowy, sweet, and warm effects of this long-lasting 12oz Cinnamon Sugar Donut Soy Candle by Be Lit. All of the satisfaction, with zero calories.

Burn Time: Approx. 55 hours

Introducing a collection of premium soy terpene candles, made in the USA & inspired by Lit cities, delicious delights, and rich strains of aromatic cannabis from around the world, these odor eliminating candles from Be Lit offer ultra long burn times for plenty of heady sessions. Be sure to check out our chakra balancing collection of crystal candles as well.