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Bhang Full Spectrum CBD Dark Chocolate Vegan Bar


The Tastiest Way to Enjoy Full Spectrum CBD

This award-winning CBD-infused dark chocolate from Bhang was artfully crafted by a master chocolatier with 25+ years’ experience working with trusted brands such as Whole Foods and Dean & Deluca. Each bar uses high quality, full spectrum CBD oil that, according to both studies and anecdotal evidence, can effectively promote relaxation and calm anxiety. The full bar divides into 10 segments for easily manageable and measurable doses. This vegan CBD chocolate also affords you a shelf life of up to a full year when stored properly, but if you can hold out that long, you have way more restraint than we do.

  • Award-winning CBD-infused dark chocolate
  • Crafted by a master chocolatier with 25+ years making gourmet dark chocolate
  • Features high quality full spectrum CBD oil
  • One-year shelf life under proper storage
  • Full bar divided into 10 segments
  • 73.5% cacao
  • Ingredients: cocoa butter, cocoa solids, sugar, full-spectrum hemp oil, vanilla, and lecithin