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Bhang ERB - Durban Menthol Straights CBD Pre-Rolls


CBD Pre-Roll, Post-Nicotine

Kicking nicotine addiction is undoubtedly challenging, but reinforcements have arrived in the form of these CBD Pre-Roll Straights from Bhang. Independent studies and anecdotal evidence alike have supported CBD’s potential in combatting the negative feeling of nicotine withdrawal. These CBD pre-rolls are made from 100% U.S.-grown hemp in accordance with section 7606 of the U.S. Agricultural Act of 2014, along with a heaping helping of terpenes for delicious natural flavor that allows you to really savor each drag. You’ll still the enjoy the feeling of a substantial smoke because these CBD pre-rolls are barrel aged. Quitting nicotine isn’t easy, but a CBD pre-roll may give you a healthier substitute with calming effects to help you through the rough patch.

  • Made from 100% American grown hemp and cannabis-derived terpenes
  • Barrel-aged to deliver a premium nicotine-free, tobacco-free smoking experience
  • Each pre-roll contains 25mg of CBD
  • Studies and anecdotal research indicate CBD has the potential to relieve discomfort associated with nicotine withdrawal
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC (with a slight risk of testing positive for a banned substance, THC, during drug testing