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Bhang Push Button Vape Battery Kit


The Name’s Bhang, Not Burger King – But You Can Still Have It Your Way

While not all vape batteries were created equal, the Bhang Push Button Vape Battery Kit is definitely at the top of its class. This 380mAh voltage vape pen battery is the only trusted way to power your Bhang vapes and it’s also one of the most powerful batteries on the market. So what do you do with all of this power? Whatever you want! This is a vape battery with adjustable settings so you can program it for a fully customized vaping experience. This kit includes a USB charger and a rugged portable case that accommodates the vape battery, USB charger and leaves designated space for a cartridge. The battery also uses color coded lights when charging so you aren’t left guessing whether your battery is fully juiced. The Bhang Vape Battery Kit reminds us that with great power comes great convenience.

  • The most powerful vape battery on the market
  • Adjustable settings so you can customize your vaping experience

Tips for using your Bhang Vape Battery Kit:

  • For the best vape experience, always use a Bhang battery with your cartridge.
  • Don’t leave the Bhang Vape Battery plugged in.
  • Always charge your battery on a wall socket as opposed to a USB port on your computer. Your computer’s USB port is not strong enough to charge such a powerful product.
  • Bhang vapes work 100% with this battery but not other battery brands.
  • Each battery comes with a compatible USB charger and sturdy case that fits the battery, the charger, and a cartridge.
  • Our dual-heating coil wickless cartridges perform best when used with Bhang’s compatible batteries and USB chargers.
  • Always use the Bhang charger that came with the battery and follow provided care instructions


  • Store at a cool temperature below 78 degree fahrenheit
  • Do not leave in pocket or car for a prolonged period of time
  • Do not leave USB Charger in wall socket or any other charging device overnight.
  • Do not charge in a computer usb port
  • Old USB chargers may not be compatible with new battery models!


  • 1 hour charge time.
  • Red=charging
  • Green=charged
  • Battery light will change colors around button.

380 mAh Voltage:

  • 5x clicks = ON/OFF
  • 1x click + hold = activate battery when ON