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Bhang Terpzilla Terpene-Infused E-Juice


Cut Nicotine Loose with E-Juice

Kicking nicotine addiction is undoubtedly challenging, but reinforcements have arrived in the form of this E-Juice from Bhang. This E-Juice is made  with a heaping helping of terpenes for delicious natural flavor that allows you to really savor each pull from your e-cig. Quitting nicotine isn’t easy, but E-juice may give you a healthier substitute with flavor to help you through the rough patch.

  • No nicotine
  • E-juice made from cannabis-derived terpenes

4 Different Flavors Available:

  • Jacks Pink Lemonade has Jack Herer terpenes. Users may experience an elevated mood and focus.

  • Orange Dream has Tangerine Dream terpenes. Some users may experience enhanced energy and mood and clear mental fog.

  • Grand Daddy Grape contains Grand Daddy Purple terpenes which may make some users feel sleepy and relaxed.

  • Pineapple Haze contains Pineapple Express terpenes which may make some users feel energized and engaged.