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Bhang Wellness Beet CBD Shot - 25mg


Beet It

Give yourself the edge you need for better physical performance with…beets? Yes, that’s right, the Bhang Wellness Beet Shot loads you up with the benefits of beetroot with a decent dose of CBD for good measure. This natural energy drink blends 3 whole beets with 25mg of CBD for an increase in nitrates with potential anti-inflammatory effects than work together to help you stay focused while boosting your vigor. But don’t just take our word for it; check out the stats below!

  • Blends 3 whole beets and 25 mg of CBD to bring you your daily dosage of CBD
  • THC Free

With the benefits of beetroot people have experienced:

  • An average of 2-3% performance improvement in a race type situation
  • Cyclists were able to cycle 16% longer
  • Cyclists were 2.8% faster in 4km cycling time trials
  • Runners achieved a pace 3% faster than runners who were given pre-race placebo
  • Divers who drank 70ml of beetroot juice could stay underwater for 11% longer
  • Well-trained rowers improved times for a set of 6x500m repetitions