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Follow Your Bliss 

You never know what life has in store for you, but you can arrive prepared with Blossom Bliss Blend keeping the odds firmly in your favor! This doctor-formulated daily elixir mixes 3 fast-acting organic adaptogens to take the edge off stress while bolstering your immune system. You'll have the soothing, stress-relieving benefits and immunity reinforcement of reishi mushrooms, the precision clarity and focus offered by lion's mane and the anxiety-reducing, anti-inflammatory powers of CBD. We can't control what life tosses our way, but we can control how we react. Make it an easy, fulfilling day with calmness, clarity and strength of Blossom Bliss Blend. 

  • Doctor-formulated for daily use
  • Combines 3 fast-acting adaptogens 
  • Shown to reduce stress and strengthen immunity
  • Third party lab verified
  • Organic ingredients

Ingredients include:

  • Reishi - for stress and immunity support
  • Lion's mane - for focus, memory and clarity
  • CBD - for anxiety and inflammation