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Pure Potent

Pure Potent CBD Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream 750mg


A Targeted CBD Ointment That Brings Long-Lasting Relief

When you tear it up at the gym, the gym usually does a bit of tearing up of its own. Thankfully, Pure Potent has formulated their Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream; a CBD ointment developed by a team of pharmacists to work deep into the painful areas for a targeted, precision affect that brings the most relief. Sore muscles and joints fade away into relaxed bliss under the touch of this CBD salve. 
In addition to relieving muscle pain, this artfully blended CBD balm has been shown to ease chronic pain thanks to anti-inflammatory botanicals that provide quick, soothing relief that lasts. The moisturizing qualities even help with dry skin!
Pure Potent have put thought and care into their Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream, from the sustainably grown, domestically sourced ingredients down to the BPA-free packaging. That's quality you can trust!
  • Pharmacist-formulated all-natural botanical blend
  • Deeply penetrates the affected area for quicker and more focused effect
  • Particularly beneficial for targeting sore muscles and sore joints
  • Shown to help with chronic pain with its anti-inflammatory properties to provide rapid and long-lasting pain relief in a specific area
  • Known to help with severely dry skin
  • Domestically sourced ingredients
  • Sustainably grown with organic practices
  • Non-GMO
  • BPA-free container