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The Herbal Infuser


We Could Be Enjoying Infused Butter Right Now But You Playin

Now you can enjoy infused butters, oils, tinctures, syrups and more with the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser™, designed for comfortable home use. This butter infuser features an array of simple presets that take the mystery out of successful infusion, including an express 45-minute infusion mode, a 90-minute cycle, and even a 4-hour timed cycle for grand infusions. The folks behind the Herbal Infuser have painstakingly figured out these optimal infusion times through trial and error so you don’t have to! Featuring a sophisticated and comfortable ergonomic design with a handle that allows you to easily lift the infuser’s lid, this kitchen companion efficiently tucks away into any kitchen cabinet when not in use.

  • Makes infused butter in as little as 45 minutes
  • Sophisticated ergonomic design
  • Conveniently fits in kitchen cabinets
  • Simple preset infusion cycles
  • 110V (USA model)
  • Includes: Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser™, Strainer, Organic Hemp Filter, Measuring Cup