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About Us

Since opening in October 2019, our team of wellness specialists have curated a grounded, positive space, catering to the natural health needs and wellbeing for those in the Los Angeles area and beyond. At Wellness For Sale, we are passionate about giving you unique, top quality products, tips, and tools that may be new to you. We focus on creating a natural, CBD oriented, health regimen that can have you feeling better than ever before. Our brands include a variety of items like topical salves, full spectrum tinctures, and CBD cartridges so that you can tackle your health needs.

Here we have everything you need to create a space of feeling your best on every level. We also offer a variety of unique modalities of spirituality and the metaphysical - crystals, pendulums, and smudging tools, to get your vibes right!  Your well being deserves to be on point, now more than ever! Come stop by and let our specialists guide you through the transition into natural health and wellness.