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Add Color to Your Sacred Space with the Hypoestes Phyllostachya a.k.a. the Polka Dot Plant

Add Color to Your Sacred Space with the Hypoestes Phyllostachya a.k.a. the Polka Dot Plant

When it comes to your sacred space, it can be, well, sacred. This means you may be very particular about what comes into that space and how it reacts with the other elements in it. You may have a room, a corner, a simple altar or even a whole temple, because this place will be where you cleanse the negativity and replace it with positivity. You should have plenty of things to “cleanse” the area and plants are a great way to do that. Many cultures use sage and similar plants to cleanse the air of any bad Spirit/energy/vibes. Having green plants like bamboo, ferns, and the much prettier Polka Dot Plant (which is a Hypoestes plant) can revamp the energy in your sacred space. While sage and patchouli are supposed to cleanse on a more literal level, plants like the polka dot plant and other leafy plants provide you with fresh air which promotes clearer thinking for the prayers and meditation about to take place. 

The Simplicity of Caring for a Polka Dot Plant

The Hypoestes plant is a relatively easy plant to care for, the biggest stipulation being the water and sunlight. They like having moist soil so it is recommended to have a drain dish for overflow. Another small but crucial step in polka dot plant care is sunlight. All plants need light of course but the polka dot plant needs indirect sunlight. You will notice if it receives too much light since the leaves will get burn marks on them. 

Nature’s Air Filter

An interesting thing about hypoestes care is how it has been said to be able to improve your mood, lower stress, and boost creativity all while filtering the air. Filtering the air is one of the best physical properties of a Hypoestes plant. Having clean air has also been shown to lower stress and fatigue and even sickness since getting fresh air helps your immune system. 

Coordinating Your Hypoestes

Before purchasing one of these simple yet elegant plants and beginning your hypoestes care, you should know that hypoestes plants can come in different colors ranging from white to pink to red. Each plant is relatively small at less 

than a foot tall, but they do like to spread out so it is recommended to trim them back weekly if you can. If your sacred space is outside then the polka dot plant is great to line flower beds or walkways or used as any other type of order. For indoors, these go great in corners or as a centerpiece to other plants in the sacred space. 

Multiply the Bounty

Another interesting thing about polka dot plant care and hypoestes plants is that if you decide that you want some new additions to your home, you can propagate the Hypoestes Phyllostachya quite easily since their root systems require very little maintenance. But, it’s just as easy to grow the plant from a seedling as well. In fact, both methods take about the same amount of time. If you do choose to propagate with seeds, then it’s worth noting that you do not bury the seeds. This plant’s seeds should be placed on top of the soil and then watered. Soil will suffocate them.But if you choose to propagate using the plant itself, then you will need to harvest cuttings in the beginning of spring. These cuttings are gathered around the base of the plant. Then dip those cuttings in root hormone and plant them in fresh, moist soil.

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Autumn Treats You Can Make With Your Magical Butter Machine

Autumn Treats You Can Make With Your Magical Butter Machine

Get creative in the kitchen this Fall with the fantastic Magical Butter Machine

With the cold months rolling in it’s a great time to learn about herbal infusion cooking. Whether it be infused butter, gummies, or even tinctures, the Magical Butter Machine allows you to add all sorts of herbal botanicals to your food and drinks with ease. Let’s take a look at some Autumn treats you can make with your Magical Butter Machine. 

Magical Butter Machine: The Ultimate Magic Butter Maker

The Magical Butter Machine is the leading herbal infuser that makes creating your own infused products simple. This worktop appliance will fit perfectly in your kitchen, and its simple operation and quality stainless steel construction means you’ll be getting plenty of use out of it. With just a few button presses you can produce an amazing array of infused edibles, and paired with a Magical Butter Decarbox, you’ll have even more options.

Magical Butter

A great starting point when learning herbal infused cooking is to make infused butter. Magical butter can be directly added to meals like soups and stews, and can also be used in baking recipes like cookies and cakes. In fact, infused butter forms the basis of many other magical recipes, so it's an easy one to get started with; especially with the use of a Magical Butter Tray Mold. Best yet, you can easily substitute dairy products for coconut oil and make a vegan version, too.

Magical Butter Gummies

Another fantastic use of the Magical Butter Machine is making infused gummies. With just a few accessories like these square and circular silicone tray molds, you could attempt some homemade gumdrops for example, or maybe these vegan coconut oil gummies are more your style.

Magical Butter Tinctures

Your Autumn treat options aren’t confined to just food recipes either, there’s a whole world of infused drinks to explore too. Magical tinctures like smoothies, milkshakes, and even cocktails can be made easily with a Magical Butter Machine in no time at all.

More Magical Butter Recipes

Don’t let your inspiration stop at food and beverages when you're looking for treat ideas, because there’s so much more you can do with a Magical Butter Machine. Why not make your own infused soap, or maybe even topical creams and gift them to friends this Fall? There’s so many options, so be sure to check out more recipes at magicalbutter.com.

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Getting to Know the Sanatiiv Product Line

Getting to Know the Sanatiiv Product Line

Discover the benefits of Dead Sea Salt, CBD topicals and oils from Sanatiiv Botanicals

Sanatiiv Botanicals is a wellness brand that champions plant based therapeutics and the healing powers of Mother Nature. They provide the highest quality, natural, and organically-sourced lifestyle products that can enhance your daily wellbeing. So, let’s find out what’s on offer by getting to know the Sanatiiv product line.


CBD has become an immensely popular wellness aid due to its myriad of health benefits and non-intoxicating nature. From pain management and inflammation, to anxiety relief and a sleep aid, CBD can provide an amazing array of benefits, and sublingual oils are one of the most effective and healthy ways to consume the cannabinoid. Sanatiiv Liquid Gold CBD Oils contain 1000 mg of fast acting broad spectrum CBD sourced from high quality hemp, bringing calm into your life when it all gets a little overwhelming.

Sanatiiv CBD Balm & Salve

CBD topical balms are another fantastic way to use CBD in your wellness routine. Sanatiiv Extra Strength Pain Relief Salve gets to work immediately by directly binding to the millions of cannabinoid receptors found in our skin, providing fast acting pain relief. Once applied, a CBD balm will begin to support the body’s inflammatory response by decreasing blood flow to reduce swelling, alleviate muscle soreness, skin irritations, and also provide relief from daily aches and pains. 

Dead Sea Salt Bath Scrub

The Dead Sea in Israel has been famous since biblical times for its skin healing powers. In fact, mineral rich Dead Sea salt has been scientifically proven effective against a number of skin conditions such as psoriasis, inflammation and dryness, and even autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. So, turn your bath time into a tranquil skin rejuvenating treatment with Sanatiiv Dead Sea Salt Healing Energy Soak.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sanatiiv Botanicals and how their products can enhance your wellbeing, then be sure to check out our complete range at Wellness For Sale. Continue reading

Understanding the Properties of Our Latest Batch of Crystals and Gems

Understanding the Properties of Our Latest Batch of Crystals and Gems

Enhance your life with the powerful energy of our newest crystals

Energy stones are dear to our hearts here at Wellness For Sale, and now, we have a new batch of crystals to add to our growing collection of power gems. Let’s take a look at the deeper meanings of our latest additions.

Black Tourmaline Properties

This potent jet black stone is a swallower of negative energies. For those in need of some protection, look no further than Black Tourmaline as this gem will provide its bearer with a powerful shield. Ward off dark feelings, anxieties, and fears all while grounding yourself with Black Tourmaline’s powerful earthly connection, and there’s also a pendulum option for those who wish to keep this gem close at all times.

Botswana Pink Agate

Multiple colored layers of pink, grey, black, and orange make Botswana Pink Agate a visually mesmerizing stone. But on a deeper level, this gem is comforting and soothing for the bearer, and is most useful for those experiencing loss, loneliness and grief. Botswana Pink Agate is a very positive stone and can help you stop dwelling on difficulties by refocusing you on love and the strength to find solutions to life's many trials.

Serpentine Crystal Meaning

This dark green gem has long been used to detect negative energies, ward off bad luck, and provide protection against intentionally malicious behavior. Seen as an excellent stone for outdoor meditation, Serpentine Crystal possesses a powerful earthly connection, and also delivers a 1-2 punch by warding off negative energies and drawing in positivity at the same time.

Mookaite Meaning

Mookaite is an amazing stone in times of stress. This nurturing gem helps to inspire change and versatility when confronted with difficult situations, while still providing a protective barrier against negative energies. Additionally, Mookaite can raise your enthusiasm levels and also help ward off distractions.

Chrysocolla Meaning

Known as the Teaching Stone, Chrysocolla promotes higher learning and curiosity. This blue, green, and copper colored gem raises awareness, which is perfect for those seeking truth and authenticity, and thanks to its calming nature and gentle flow, you’ll be fully zen while you do.

Howlite Properties

Howlite is one of the most powerful calming stones there is. This white crystal can temper major storms in your life, soothe an overactive mind, and also help you sleep by creating feelings of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness. Howlite also teaches patience, and can promote creativity and artistic expression in its bearer.

Be sure to check out our full range of energy crystals here at Wellness For Sale, and if you’re interested in learning more about the meanings of these powerful gemstones, then you can read more here. Continue reading

The History and Meaning of the Dreamcatcher

The History and Meaning of the Dreamcatcher

How the Native American dreamcatcher took over the world

Dreamcatchers have become popular all over the world, but this protective charm has a long and storied history that’s intertwined with the Native American cultures of North America. Here we’ll explore the history and meaning of the dreamcatcher, and shed some light on its significance.

Origins of the Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher is widely believed to originate from Ojibwe people, a first nation tribe that lived in the southeast of what is now Canada. Taking the form of a spider's web, the dreamcatcher was traditionally made from willow and plant fibres and was hung above the cradle or bed of a child to provide protection from bad dreams.

Dreamcatcher Meaning

The Ojibwe people spoke of the Spider Grandmother known as Asibikaashi. She is an important protective deity, and as the native peoples expanded across America, the dreamcatcher became a way for distant people to connect with the spider grandmother and obtain her protection for their children. As a result, mothers and close female relatives were inspired to create spider web charms which often included sacred items such as feathers and beads, and the dreamcatcher was born.

Pan-Indian Movement

During the 1960s and ‘70s the Pan-Indian movement sought to unify the descendents of the first nation tribes. It was a political and social justice movement that looked to protect native peoples and their traditions, and the dreamcatcher became its de facto symbol. Even tribes that had no history of spider charms adopted the dreamcatcher as a unifying symbol, and they became a popular craft item that were sold widely to create income for disenfranchised reservations across America and Canada. 

Dreamcatchers Today: Macrame Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers today have become immensely popular all over the world, and are used by millions of people to provide nightly protection from bad dreams. Here at Wellness For Sale, we stock a number of beautiful macrame dreamcatchers for you to make use of, and you can hang them in your home or bedroom to provide protection from nightmares and negative energies while you sleep. Continue reading

Our Favorite Self Help Meditation Books

Our Favorite Self Help Meditation Books

Discover the secrets of meditation with these mindful reads

The chaotic hustle and bustle of modern living can introduce a huge amount of stress and anxiety into our lives. For many, meditation helps to alleviate these unwanted feelings, and can foster a mentally clear and emotionally stable mindset that boosts wellbeing. However, without some helpful reading materials, meditation can be difficult to jump into. So, let’s take a look at some of our favorite self help meditation books for those needing a little direction.

Meditation: A Start Here Guide for Beginners

Meditation is a skill that needs to be learned and then mastered, and you won't get far without some understanding of the practice. Meditation: A Start Here Guide for Beginners is a user friendly primer and the perfect jumping off point for newcomers. The book covers both the history of meditation and a wide number of mindfulness practices for you to try out, and aims to make your introduction to meditation as simple and straightforward as possible.

Meditation For Daily Stress: 10 Practices

Alleviating feelings of stress is one thing meditation is great for, and Meditation For Daily Stress: 10 Practices not only explores why we experience stress, but also covers a number of useful techniques for dealing with those feelings. This book breaks up meditating for stress relief into ten easy to follow practices, and will help you build coping mechanisms for dealing with daily stresses, the anxiety that accompanies them, and also the depression they can often lead to. 

Why Can't I Meditate? How to Get Your Mindfulness Practice

Meditation isn’t easy, and many of us struggle to succeed at it and often give up. The truth is that learning to meditate is like learning a musical instrument, in this case the instrument being your mind. Learning to play it requires patience, determination, and above all, practice. Why Can't I Meditate? How to Get Your Mindfulness Practice is aimed at those struggling to meditate successfully, and offers guidance and advice for overcoming the obstacles that can prevent you from reaching your place of zen. 

Self Help Books: Learn to Meditate

Self help books can be a wonderful way to learn how to meditate and can teach you everything you need to know in order to master this tricky art. So, if you have an interest in learning to meditate then take a look at one of these fantastic books, and be sure to check out more mindful reads at Wellness for Sale. Continue reading

The History of the Cannagar

The History of the Cannagar
A modern interpretation of a classic 

The cannagar has emerged as the newest luxury toking method for high flying aficionados. These premium smokes exhibit all the prestige of the classic cigar, but with none of the tobacco, and are rapidly becoming the smoking choice for those special occasions. Despite seeming modern, however, the story of the cannagar is surprisingly long. So, let’s explore the history of this luxury specialty.  

What is a Cannagar?

A cannagar is like a cigar but, as the name would suggest, it’s not filled with tobacco. Typically, herb is tightly compressed around a removable wooden skewer, and then wrapped in fan leaves to create a slow burning full flavored toke that can last for hours. They’re the toast of the town right now, and may seem new, but cannagars are actually a modern evolution of a much older idea.

The Thai Stick

The Thai Stick is considered to be the father of the cannagar, and unsurprisingly originates from Thailand, a country with a rich history of herbal cultivation and use. Traditionally, Thai Sticks were a method of creating a smokable product using only the parts available from the cannabis plant. The stem was used as a core around which to press flower, and then wrapped in fan leaves and tied together with fibres from another stem, creating a cigar-like joint free of any tobacco. While the exact origins of Thai Sticks are unknown, they were hugely popular throughout southeast Asia during the ‘60s and ‘70s, and even made it to our shores thanks to a monumental event in American history. 

Vietnam and The War on Drugs

During the Vietnam war, a huge cannabis industry sprung up selling weed to the tens of thousands of American GI’s stationed in Thailand. The Thai Stick was a huge hit, and soldiers would often smuggle them back when returning home, which ultimately introduced this Southeast Asian classic to the American weed smokers of the hippy counterculture. They became so popular in fact that they eventually drew the ire of the DEA, who in the midst of their war on drugs outlawed cannabis along with Thai Sticks in America, and even forced Thailand to do the same. As a result, the Thai Stick all but disappeared from cannabis culture in the US.

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How To Get The Best Sage and Palo Santo Benefits

How To Get The Best Sage and Palo Santo Benefits

Purify your spaces with the cleansing energies of Sage and Palo Santo

Both sage and palo santo have been used for millennia by shamans from all over the world to cleanse spaces of negative and toxic energies. Using them correctly in daily practice can bring positive vibes into your life and home, and can deliver a powerful boost to your wellbeing. So, here’s how to get the best sage and palo santo benefits.

Sage Benefits

White Sage is a powerful cleansing agent with a strong aroma and has been used by many Native American tribes for centuries to remove negative energy from people and spaces. Sage is seen as a heavy duty cleanser which pushes all energies out including positive ones, and that means after burning it, there’s more to be done.

Palo Santo Benefits

Once you’ve cleansed your space fully with sage, you’ll need to bring back some positive energy to your space, and this is where Palo Santo comes in handy. Where sage pushes all energies out of a space, palo santo is needed to invite positive energy back in, which is why many use both together one after the other. 

Burning Palo Santo: How To Smudge With Sage and Palo Santo

Burning sacred herbs, also known as smudging, is an ancient spiritual practice and requires a few items to perform. You’ll need a vessel for burning herbs, a source of fire such as a match or candle, and optionally a fanning tool to spread the smoke around larger spaces. 

Before you light up however, it's important to open a door or window to create a path for unwanted energies to escape and for positive energies to enter. Once you’re ready, it’s a simple matter of lighting your herbs and allowing the smoke to fill your space. 

Sage Sticks and Palo Santo

These two powerful herbs work together to cleanse you and your space. You can think of sage as pushing out negativity, and palo santo as bringing positive energies back in. However, it’s important to be mindful of your intentions while burning sage and then palo santo, try to avoid unconscious use of these two sacred herbs and be present during the ritual for maximum effect.

So, why not try smudging Sage and Palo Alto for a wellbeing boost? It can help you cleanse the energy in you or your space to encourage a more positive and peaceful environment. Continue reading

Blossom Blend Makes Adaptogen Supplements Easy With Their 3-In-1 Elixir

Blossom Blend Makes Adaptogen Supplements Easy With Their 3-In-1 Elixir

 Alleviate stress, improve cognition, and strengthen your immune system all at once with Blossom Blend adaptogen supplements

Life can be stressful, and we all need a little help in our daily quest to live it to its fullest. That’s why many of us make use of natural adaptogen supplements to provide a boost to our wellbeing, and help us through those chaotic and anxious moments. Ultimately, you never know what life has in store for you, but you can arrive prepared with Blossom Bliss Blend keeping the odds firmly in your favor!

Blossom Blend Adaptogen Supplements

Blossom is a mental wellness company that provides clinically-based health food products to help you perform at your best, both mentally and physically. Their aim is to inspire personal wellbeing through plant based supplements, and to reestablish humanities inalienable relationship with natural medicine. Blossom Bliss Blend utilizes some of the finest medicines nature has to offer, and provides an easy way to enhance your life with the power of adaptogens.

Bliss Blend Adaptogen Drink

Adaptogens are natural stress relieving supplements that can soothe anxiety and calm the storms that life often throws our way, and supplement drinks are one of the easiest ways to harness the benefits of adaptogens by providing a simple and practical method of consumption. Sometimes however, you’re going to need more than just one wellness aid to get you through those tough days, and Bliss Blend ups the ante by combining three powerful and fast acting adaptogens together.

Adaptogen Blend: 3-In-1 Elixir

The 3-in-1 formula pairs Reishi mushrooms for stress and immunity support with Lion’s Mane for focus, memory and clarity, and also CBD for anxiety and inflammation. This complimentary mix of organic supplements makes Bliss Blend a powerful and comprehensive stress reliever, and is doctor formulated for daily use. Plus, it’s also third party lab verified so you can be sure Bliss Blend contains no surprise ingredients. 

So, make it an easy, fulfilling day with the calmness, clarity, and strength of Blossom Bliss Blend.

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How To Choose The Right Gem For Your Crystal Pipe

How To Choose The Right Gem For Your Crystal Pipe

Here at wellness for sale we love the powerful healing qualities of crystals, and Be Lit Brand crystal pipes are the perfect way to enhance your life with real gemstone energy. Best of all, each crystal possesses unique abilities that can help you in every situation. So, here’s the A to Z of gemstone meanings so you can pick the perfect crystal pipe for your needs.


Amazonite is said to have a soothing effect on the nervous system which makes it useful for tense and aggravating situations. It’s also known as the "gambler's stone," because it encourages good fortune and is associated with money, luck, and success.


As one of the most powerful gems there is, Amethyst is sought after for its connection with the crown chakra. This gemstone is said to calm the mind and spirit, and also helps protect against nightmares and insomnia.


The name Aventurine comes from the Italian word Aventura which means chance, and bestows good fortune. This gem connects to the heart chakra, and is a powerful stone of prosperity and purpose. They also come in a wide array of colors, including blue and pink.


Citrine is said to promote motivation, creativity and encourages self-expression. This gem raises self-esteem and self-confidence, and also imparts wonder, delight, and enthusiasm to its bearer.


Fluorite combines peace, positivity and heart opening vibrations. This stone is the perfect antidote for a case of existential burnout, and will put you back in touch with your hopes and dreams.


As the preferred stone of psychics, volcanic Gabbro is used for intuitive learning and connecting with a higher consciousness. It’s also known to produce a grounding effect that bridges the gap between the spiritual realm and our earthly domain.


Howlite is a beautiful white stone that represents the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness. It’s calming effects are exactly what you need to sooth an overactive mind and to help you sleep.


Known as the stone of endurance and nurturing, Jasper imparts balance, stamina, and a courage to sustain you in times of stress. A powerful gem that will carry you through the tough times.


A stone of transformation and grounding spiritual energy that’s a useful companion through times of change. Labradorite is a pressure releasing gem, and helps to relieve the stress and anxiety of uncertain times.


Known as the “truth stone”, Obsidian is a powerful protective gem that shields you from negativity. Use it to draw out mental stress and tension, and encourage yourself to explore new horizons.


Opal is a stone of justice and harmony. It’s a seductive gem that can both intensify or regulate the emotional states of love, passion and desire, which is why it's often referred to as “Cupid’s stone.”


Considered the master healer, Clear Quartz is an energy manipulating stone that can absorb, regulate, and amplify positive energies, and also aids concentration and memory. Additionally, there’s also Rose Quartz which is said to restore trust and harmony in relationships. 


Rhodonite is the stone of compassion and imparts feelings of generosity, joy, and happiness to its bearer. It’s also a comforting gem that will hold you in times of distress.


Known as the stone of vision, Unakite opens the third eye wide, and helps you to live in the here and now. This gem is said to aid recovery from illness, and also helps with fertility, pregnancy and growth. 


Zoisite is the stone of return, and can help you hit the reset button and get your mind back on track after an unwelcome interruption. This gem boosts creative energy and focus, and is also useful when you’re trying to return to health norms after a bout of indulgence.

Be sure to check out our entire range of Be Lit Brand crystal pipes, and choose the perfect crystals to enhance your life and smoking experience.

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