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How To Get The Best Sage and Palo Santo Benefits

How To Get The Best Sage and Palo Santo Benefits

Purify your spaces with the cleansing energies of Sage and Palo Santo

Both sage and palo santo have been used for millennia by shamans from all over the world to cleanse spaces of negative and toxic energies. Using them correctly in daily practice can bring positive vibes into your life and home, and can deliver a powerful boost to your wellbeing. So, here’s how to get the best sage and palo santo benefits.

Sage Benefits

White Sage is a powerful cleansing agent with a strong aroma and has been used by many Native American tribes for centuries to remove negative energy from people and spaces. Sage is seen as a heavy duty cleanser which pushes all energies out including positive ones, and that means after burning it, there’s more to be done.

Palo Santo Benefits

Once you’ve cleansed your space fully with sage, you’ll need to bring back some positive energy to your space, and this is where Palo Santo comes in handy. Where sage pushes all energies out of a space, palo santo is needed to invite positive energy back in, which is why many use both together one after the other. 

Burning Palo Santo: How To Smudge With Sage and Palo Santo

Burning sacred herbs, also known as smudging, is an ancient spiritual practice and requires a few items to perform. You’ll need a vessel for burning herbs, a source of fire such as a match or candle, and optionally a fanning tool to spread the smoke around larger spaces. 

Before you light up however, it's important to open a door or window to create a path for unwanted energies to escape and for positive energies to enter. Once you’re ready, it’s a simple matter of lighting your herbs and allowing the smoke to fill your space. 

Sage Sticks and Palo Santo

These two powerful herbs work together to cleanse you and your space. You can think of sage as pushing out negativity, and palo santo as bringing positive energies back in. However, it’s important to be mindful of your intentions while burning sage and then palo santo, try to avoid unconscious use of these two sacred herbs and be present during the ritual for maximum effect.

So, why not try smudging Sage and Palo Alto for a wellbeing boost? It can help you cleanse the energy in you or your space to encourage a more positive and peaceful environment. Continue reading