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Add Color to Your Sacred Space with the Hypoestes Phyllostachya a.k.a. the Polka Dot Plant

Add Color to Your Sacred Space with the Hypoestes Phyllostachya a.k.a. the Polka Dot Plant

When it comes to your sacred space, it can be, well, sacred. This means you may be very particular about what comes into that space and how it reacts with the other elements in it. You may have a room, a corner, a simple altar or even a whole temple, because this place will be where you cleanse the negativity and replace it with positivity. You should have plenty of things to “cleanse” the area and plants are a great way to do that. Many cultures use sage and similar plants to cleanse the air of any bad Spirit/energy/vibes. Having green plants like bamboo, ferns, and the much prettier Polka Dot Plant (which is a Hypoestes plant) can revamp the energy in your sacred space. While sage and patchouli are supposed to cleanse on a more literal level, plants like the polka dot plant and other leafy plants provide you with fresh air which promotes clearer thinking for the prayers and meditation about to take place. 

The Simplicity of Caring for a Polka Dot Plant

The Hypoestes plant is a relatively easy plant to care for, the biggest stipulation being the water and sunlight. They like having moist soil so it is recommended to have a drain dish for overflow. Another small but crucial step in polka dot plant care is sunlight. All plants need light of course but the polka dot plant needs indirect sunlight. You will notice if it receives too much light since the leaves will get burn marks on them. 

Nature’s Air Filter

An interesting thing about hypoestes care is how it has been said to be able to improve your mood, lower stress, and boost creativity all while filtering the air. Filtering the air is one of the best physical properties of a Hypoestes plant. Having clean air has also been shown to lower stress and fatigue and even sickness since getting fresh air helps your immune system. 

Coordinating Your Hypoestes

Before purchasing one of these simple yet elegant plants and beginning your hypoestes care, you should know that hypoestes plants can come in different colors ranging from white to pink to red. Each plant is relatively small at less 

than a foot tall, but they do like to spread out so it is recommended to trim them back weekly if you can. If your sacred space is outside then the polka dot plant is great to line flower beds or walkways or used as any other type of order. For indoors, these go great in corners or as a centerpiece to other plants in the sacred space. 

Multiply the Bounty

Another interesting thing about polka dot plant care and hypoestes plants is that if you decide that you want some new additions to your home, you can propagate the Hypoestes Phyllostachya quite easily since their root systems require very little maintenance. But, it’s just as easy to grow the plant from a seedling as well. In fact, both methods take about the same amount of time. If you do choose to propagate with seeds, then it’s worth noting that you do not bury the seeds. This plant’s seeds should be placed on top of the soil and then watered. Soil will suffocate them.But if you choose to propagate using the plant itself, then you will need to harvest cuttings in the beginning of spring. These cuttings are gathered around the base of the plant. Then dip those cuttings in root hormone and plant them in fresh, moist soil.

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