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CBD Lotion: Options & Benefits

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CBD Lotion: Options & Benefits

Whether it's constant hand washing, achy muscles, or inflamed skin, CBD lotion has the problem covered. During current times we've noticed a lot of questions coming in on how CBD lotion can help keep dry skin in check. We want you to know it can go way beyond dry skin when it comes to CBD lotion, though! There are ways to apply CBD lotion topically that can help with multiple types of inflammation. 


In this article we want to fill you in on how you can use CBD lotion as a solution for issues that may have been bothering you for quite a while. We've gathered our favorite CBD lotion products and listed the best ways to apply them. We've also included specific issues that each CBD lotion products are good for resolving. Let's take a look: 


1. Cococanna Body Butter

We love this for: Skin inflammation, skin moisturizing, mild/moderate muscle tension, preventative muscle tension. 

We can't get enough of this CBD lotion option. Made from certified organic coconuts from the Philippines and 100% vegan, this cannabis + coconut oil combo is our favorite CBD lotion option by far. More of a butter consistency, Cococanna penetrates the skin with not only cannabinoid benefits but all of the advantages that coconut oil can offer to the skin. The best thing about this CBD lotion option? It can go anywhere. That's right. Face, hands, legs, arms, anywhere. It's light enough for the delicate pores of the face and effective enough to moisturize and heal calloused skin on the feet. This is by far our go-to for a head to toe CBD lotion option. We like putting this incredible CBD lotion option on areas of muscular tension and massaging in into areas of concern. It's also fantastic for inflamed or irritated skin and will cut back on redness almost instantly. Here are some other great benefits of this great CBD lotion option: 

  • Shown to increase collagen production. 
  • Show to firm and strengthen skin. 
  • Decreases inflammation with skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. 
  • Excellent agent against acne. 
  • Shown to help regulate sebaceous glands. 
  • Helps to minimize enlarged pores. 
  • Shown to have anti-aging properties. 
  • Relieves muslce and pain tension.


2. Karma Cure Lotion

We love this for: Dry/cracked hands, mild/moderate muscle tension relief, general body lotion

This CBD lotion option is actually made of hemp which means it's found in the seeds of the plant rather than the leaves and stalks. This is the kind of product you want to keep in your purse, next to the bathroom or kitchen sink, and even keep on your desk at work. While these products aren't something we'd regularly use on our face it's a wonderful option for your hands and the rest of your body. Karma Cure comes in a few different forms. A more concentrated jar can be found for overall skincare needs and there's a tube of hand cream made thicker in order to heal dry, cracked hands. We love these skincare options for on the go and they even make a great lip balm! 




3. IM Bue Botanicals CBD Products

We love this for: High levels of muscular tension/pain relief, overall skincare 

IM Bue Bontanicals has a wide range of effective CBD lotion products. We love this brand because they make CBD oils, lotions, salves, face creams, and even under eye CBD lotion products. They go as far as to also make oral applications of CBD but we'll stick to topicals here. We love CBD products in every topical form and IM Bue definitely gives you those options. When it comes to CBD lotions their overall body lotion and face creams eliminate inflammation and can even penetrate the muscle for tension relief. What we love about this CBD brand is that it offers salves as well as CBD lotion products. If you're in need of something even stronger that a CBD lotion for topical relief we highly recommend a CBD salve from IM bue. Salves are heavily concentrated balm-like products that penetrate deeper into the muscle sending CBD to the area in a more consistent way. This option is great for if you need to apply something for the work day that will last for a while. 




We offer all of the above CBD lotion and topical relief products in our shop. Above all we hope to help educate you on the different options you have for CBD lotion and topical applications of CBD. We highly recommend pairing a CBD lotion or salve with an oral application of CBD as doubling up on the two forms of CBD will help to regulate your Endocannabinoid System as well as help to instantly relieve any pain or discomfort you may be having. As always it is best to discuss these options of CBD lotions and salves as well as oral applications of CBD with your doctor or healthcare professional before beginning use. We currently offer free consultations with a wellness specialist so you can discuss your CBD lotion options as well as other wellness related options that you may need. Don't hesitate to reach out to set up a free appointment. We're here to help!


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