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The Power of the Crystal

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The Power of the Crystal

Why People Use Crystals for Healing?

The majority of people believe in the power of crystals for healing. It is widely believed that the crystals have the power to release blocked energy, prevent bad energy, boost energy levels, and transform the body’s aura. Where some people only adorn crystals for fashion, some people believe in the miraculous benefits of them. There are a variety of crystals available in the market, with each one of them having certain qualities.


List of Powerful Crystals


It is a purple gemstone that has been in the market for a long time. It’s worn for healing, purifying, and protective purposes.



  •         Amethyst is best known to relieve stress and balance mood swings
  •         Amethyst contributes towards normalizing anger, anxiety, fear, and rage
  •         Amethyst helps in relieving negativity, grief, and sadness
  •         Amethyst helps in improving psychic abilities and increasing spiritual awareness


Amethyst is a symbolism of nobility, psychic power, and purification.


Aquarius and Pisces

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pinkish stone, known as the stone of the heart or Crystal of Unconditional Love.


  •         Rose Quartz promotes the feelings of self-love
  •         Rose Quartz helps in balancing the four chakras
  •         Rose Quartz contributes towards balancing emotional health and clearing emotional blockages


Rose Quartz is a symbol of fertility, love, and gentleness.




Chalcopyrite is a mineral of iron copper sulfide and comes in a tetragonal shape.


  •         Chalcopyrite aligns all chakras
  •         Chalcopyrite possess powerful energies that help in changing lifestyles, habits, and routines
  •         Chalcopyrite increase belief, joy, and happiness


Chalcopyrite symbolizes love and fire, hence, warmth and strength.


Capricorn and Taurus


Turquoise is an important mineral. It is the hydrated phosphate of aluminum and copper and comes in blue-to-green color.


  •         Turquoise is known to align and balance all chakras
  •         Turquoise balances mood swings and brings inner peace and calm.
  •         Turquoise has powerful benefits against exhaustion and depression
  •         Turquoise helps with problem-solving and self-realization


Turquoise symbolizes protection, good fortune, wisdom, tranquility, and hope.




The stone's name is derived from the word ‘citron’ meaning lemon, and it is available in a yellow variety.


  •         Citrine helps with self-expression, creativity, and motivation.
  •         Citrine stone revitalizes the mind and helps in increasing concentration.
  •         Citrine releases depression, phobias, negative traits, and fears.
  •         Citrines assists in balancing emotions.


Citrine symbolizes clarity, a healthy body and mind, happiness, success, and vitality.




Crystals are available in a wide range and are used for various purposes. The belief over the healing properties of crystals is age-old. It continues to bring peace and harmony to people’s life. However, it’s important to wear crystals that go well with your zodiac sign. Some crystals can even bring bad luck to people. Therefore, it’s important to consult an expert who can guide you on the process.

The hidden magical healing properties of crystals influence every part of your life. Some crystals have unique properties that are only used for unique purposes. Find a stone for your problems and heal them away in no time! 

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