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How To Choose The Right Gem For Your Crystal Pipe

How To Choose The Right Gem For Your Crystal Pipe

Here at wellness for sale we love the powerful healing qualities of crystals, and Be Lit Brand crystal pipes are the perfect way to enhance your life with real gemstone energy. Best of all, each crystal possesses unique abilities that can help you in every situation. So, here’s the A to Z of gemstone meanings so you can pick the perfect crystal pipe for your needs.


Amazonite is said to have a soothing effect on the nervous system which makes it useful for tense and aggravating situations. It’s also known as the "gambler's stone," because it encourages good fortune and is associated with money, luck, and success.


As one of the most powerful gems there is, Amethyst is sought after for its connection with the crown chakra. This gemstone is said to calm the mind and spirit, and also helps protect against nightmares and insomnia.


The name Aventurine comes from the Italian word Aventura which means chance, and bestows good fortune. This gem connects to the heart chakra, and is a powerful stone of prosperity and purpose. They also come in a wide array of colors, including blue and pink.


Citrine is said to promote motivation, creativity and encourages self-expression. This gem raises self-esteem and self-confidence, and also imparts wonder, delight, and enthusiasm to its bearer.


Fluorite combines peace, positivity and heart opening vibrations. This stone is the perfect antidote for a case of existential burnout, and will put you back in touch with your hopes and dreams.


As the preferred stone of psychics, volcanic Gabbro is used for intuitive learning and connecting with a higher consciousness. It’s also known to produce a grounding effect that bridges the gap between the spiritual realm and our earthly domain.


Howlite is a beautiful white stone that represents the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness. It’s calming effects are exactly what you need to sooth an overactive mind and to help you sleep.


Known as the stone of endurance and nurturing, Jasper imparts balance, stamina, and a courage to sustain you in times of stress. A powerful gem that will carry you through the tough times.


A stone of transformation and grounding spiritual energy that’s a useful companion through times of change. Labradorite is a pressure releasing gem, and helps to relieve the stress and anxiety of uncertain times.


Known as the “truth stone”, Obsidian is a powerful protective gem that shields you from negativity. Use it to draw out mental stress and tension, and encourage yourself to explore new horizons.


Opal is a stone of justice and harmony. It’s a seductive gem that can both intensify or regulate the emotional states of love, passion and desire, which is why it's often referred to as “Cupid’s stone.”


Considered the master healer, Clear Quartz is an energy manipulating stone that can absorb, regulate, and amplify positive energies, and also aids concentration and memory. Additionally, there’s also Rose Quartz which is said to restore trust and harmony in relationships. 


Rhodonite is the stone of compassion and imparts feelings of generosity, joy, and happiness to its bearer. It’s also a comforting gem that will hold you in times of distress.


Known as the stone of vision, Unakite opens the third eye wide, and helps you to live in the here and now. This gem is said to aid recovery from illness, and also helps with fertility, pregnancy and growth. 


Zoisite is the stone of return, and can help you hit the reset button and get your mind back on track after an unwelcome interruption. This gem boosts creative energy and focus, and is also useful when you’re trying to return to health norms after a bout of indulgence.

Be sure to check out our entire range of Be Lit Brand crystal pipes, and choose the perfect crystals to enhance your life and smoking experience.

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Get In The Zone With These Mesmerizing Rolling Tray Designs

Get In The Zone With These Mesmerizing Rolling Tray Designs

A rolling tray is a must for every cannabis smoker. But a rolling tray doesn’t need to be boring and utilitarian when you can spice up your joint building with some eye-catching design work. So, it’s time to get in the zone with these mesmerizing rolling tray designs by Be Lit Brand.

Ripple Rolling Tray

Trippy patterning and clean graphic linework combine to produce the classic ripple design from Be Lit Brand. A bold and simple choice for the minimalist smoker. 

Leafy Rolling Tray

It wouldn’t be a stoner rolling tray without some weed leaf patterning, and this classic cannabis design will display your love for bud loudly and proudly.

Smokey Marble Rolling Tray

Ground yourself with the earthly feel of marble patterning. A stoic and subdued design for the dark and broody stoners amongst us.

Tie Dye Rolling Tray

Channel your inner hippy with this colorful tie dye spiral, and make every summer the summer of love with this far out design.

Peacock Rolling Tray

Talk about mesmerizing. You’ll be lost for hours in the intricate designs of nature with this peacock feather rolling tray.

Vinyl Rolling Tray

For the music lovers out there, take a look at this red vinyl deck design. The perfect tray to accompany your beats as you smoke.

Sand Garden Rolling Tray

Channel the inner peace of a Japanese sand garden and let the calming lines of Feng Shui keep you chill as you toke.

Amethyst Rolling Tray

Supercharge your session by bringing some high powered crystal energy into the mix with this stunning purple amethyst design. 

Rasta Rolling Tray

Celebrate the cultural and spiritual roots of Rastafarianism with this bold and colorful Jamaican inspired rasta rolling tray. 

Mandala Rolling Tray

Meditate on the universe with this beautiful and intricate blue mandala design. The perfect tray for the thoughtful spiritualist. 

That’s just a few of the stunning designs available here at wellness for sale. Be sure to check out our complete range of Be Lit Brand rolling trays for more mesmerizing designs.

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Candle Gift Guide For Cannabis Lovers

Candle Gift Guide For Cannabis Lovers

Need some holiday shopping ideas? You can never go wrong with gifting someone a candle. It may seem simple and cliche, but it’s always a classic, easy and thoughtful gift. You can find a candle with a unique message or choose a scent that speaks to someone’s personality or hobbies.

If you’re looking for some unique, fresh candles to add to your holiday shopping list, keep reading. This guide features our candles from Be Lit Brand, and we’re including some of our top picks from their entire candle collection below!

Crystal Collection

Bring good energy into your life with our best-selling candles from Be Lit. Each candle features positive words of affirmation and has a hidden crystal pendant inside. Illuminate your intentions and send your energy out into the universe!

Be Enlightened Candle and Be Grateful Candle 

Strain-Inspired Collection

These candles are the perfect gift for the cannabis lovers in your life. Every scent is infused with terpenes that are designed to bring the same therapeutic effects as the strain would (well, minus the THC!) 

GrandDaddy Purp Candle and Cookie Candle

Munchies Collection

These candles smell so good, they're almost good enough to eat. If you’re feeling extra sweet, give this delicious treat (without the calories) to your loved ones! 

Strawberry Shortcake  and Cinnamon Sugar Donut

Whatever scented candle you choose, you can’t go wrong. There are so many great options to choose from, and they always smell amazing! A gifted candle is a delightful way to light up someone’s life this holiday season.

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