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How to Get CBD Products & a Free Consultation

How to Get CBD Products & a Free Consultation

When you come to the realization that natural wellness is the path for you it can be difficult deciding where to start. Between CBD products, clean eating, exercise routines, and mental health exercises the amount of information that goes into such a lifestyle change can be daunting. Let's start with CBD products for example. The amount of information out there is ever growing and reading everything you can on CBD products and how to use them can be a never ending task. 


In any other medical situation you would consult with a specialist before making big decisions. The same goes for making decisions about CBD products. In most cases you'll find that meeting with a specialist can be pricey. We are in trying times and the questions you have about natural wellness, including CBD products, need to be answering quickly and in a financially efficient way. That's why we've decided to start offering free wellness consultations to help you decide on the proper CBD products for your lifestyle as well as other wellness changes and additions that can be made to your life. So, how are we going to consult on your wellness and options for CBD products during a time when social distancing is our main priority? Let's look at our options below: 

1. Email, DM, or Text

In our day and age a lot of generations have been conditioned to find comfort through communication in text form. We fully understand and can relate! We can discuss your CBD product options and wellness lifestyle adjustments via text over the phone, through an email, or by DM on any social media platforms where we participate: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. If you're interested in discussing CBD products in any of these ways we will be sure to link our information to all of these contact resources at the end of this blog entry. 


2. Phone Call

Sometimes a simple phone call is what is needed to get adequate information about CBD products and wellness advice. We are available all day to take your call and would be happy to set up a phone call appointment to help you decide which wellness approach fits you best as well as which CBD products can be incorporated into your regimen. In order to set up a phone call appointment with us shoot us an email and we'll get your call scheduled! 

3. Video Call

 When the things you need to discuss are a little more personal sometimes you need to see who you're speaking with. We're very used to speaking to specialists face to face and we want to give you as close to that option as possible when discussing your overall wellness and possible CBD products you could be starting. We are more than happy to set up a video call with you to discuss CBD products, wellness options, and routine adjustments that can improve your quality of life. We are working from home and available to help you decide which CBD products fit your life best. Again just give us a shout via email and we'll get your wellness video call scheduled. 

We completely understand the need to hash out all of the details when it comes to CBD products and natural wellness. If you've never gone the natural route it can be a big shift where guidance can provide comfort and certainty that the right CBD products are being selected and the right wellness adjustments are being made. We're here to help you during this time and always. Give us a shout at these communication resources to set up your free wellness consultation. We can't wait to help you create a wellness routine that will have you living your best quality of life. 

Feel free to contact us through the following platforms to set up your free wellness consultation: 


Instagram: @wellness.forsale

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wellnessforsale1

Twitter: www.twitter.com/wellnessforsale


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CBD Oil vs CBD Tincture and How to Tell the Difference

CBD Oil vs CBD Tincture and How to Tell the Difference

CBD tincture, oil, concentrate, flower, the list goes on and on. Where to start can be difficult when deciding on what form of CBD you need most. With tons of information on the internet about CBD it can also be a challenge sifting through all of the facts. During a time when we need honest, straight forward information in order to make educated decisions about our health we want to make it easy for you to understand the two most common options for CBD and their uses. 

A great way to understand CBD tinctures vs. oils is to focus on why you would like to begin taking CBD. As one option is stronger than the other, a big question to help you decide whether a CBD tincture will work better for you vs. a CBD oil, is if you have symptoms that bring you discomfort and pain or not. Is what you're experiencing a subtle discomfort or something more consistent and at times even extreme? Perhaps you aren’t experiencing an issue at all but instead you’re interested in keeping your endocannabinoid system in balance to prevent issues in the future.These are all important things to consider. 

When it comes to CBD and its many uses, the more knowledge you have the more you know how to apply, ingest, and even inhale the many benefits of the healing cannabinoid. In this post we’re going to hone in on CBD oils vs. CBD tinctures and their differencesas well as their benefits:

CBD Oil: 

The process of making CBD oil involves pulling the oil from the cannabis plant’s seeds, flowers, and stalks. This is the highest concentration of CBD that can be ingested orally. It includes fatty acids, proteins, and essential vitamins and minerals. You will often see this form of CBD combined with a carrier oil to make it easier for the body to absorb. 

Common carrier oils for CBD include: coconut oil, MCT oil, vegetable glycerin base, or simply the hemp oil alone. Out of all options to take CBD sublingually this is the most potent form. This option is excellent for those looking for quick balancing of the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil vs. tincture is also a great option for anxiety/depression and/or pain when combined with vaporizing a CBD concentrate. Overall, this is the stronger choice of the two oral CBD options. 

CBD Tincture: 

Although CBD tinctures aren’t as potent as CBD oils they aren’t to be underestimated! They have their own specific advantages and uses. Any medication under alcohol arrangement is referred to as a tincture. Typically CBD tinctures are combined with alcohol, glycerin, or cinnamon/peppermint oil. A lot of the qualities that are maintained in CBD oil are dulled during the distillation process that CBD tinctures undergo. Making them the perfect option for someone just starting their CBD journey. CBD tinctures are also a great option for those not suffering from any specific symptoms but would like to keep their endocannabinoid system in balance. Another advantage to CBD tinctures is that their shelf life is considerably longer than CBD oil. The alcohol involved in the distillation of tinctures act as a preservative for the natural medication. 

Both of these great CBD options should be taken by sublingual absorption for optimum results. We suggest dropping the recommended dosage underneath the tongue and letting the CBD medication of your choice dissolve. Try not to swallow it directly as it absorbs into the bloodstream faster when dissolved under the tongue. 

Whether you choose a CBD tincture or CBD oil, beginning a regimen to get cannabinoids into your system is always a positive choice. Consider beginning with tinctures if you’ve never taken CBD before and gradually move up to a CBD oil. If you’re experiencing pain it wouldn’t be a bad idea to begin with using an oil. As always let your doctor know before beginning any new CBD medication to make sure it aligns with what your body needs. You are always welcome to email us at info@wellness.forsale with any CBD or wellness related questions. We’re here to help!

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The Mind Over Matter Workout

The Mind Over Matter Workout

     What do you imagine when you reflect on what you know about meditation? Perhaps a person sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, humming, "OOOOOMMMM," kind of goofily? That visual tends to be the typical take-away of meditation in general. However, if you could see inside of the mind of a person meditating you would see an entire process of defined steps for a thorough mental exercise that aids in developing extreme control over thoughts.

     Meditation is the most effective practice currently known to help us achieve ultimate mind over matter ability. When you have a strong hold on what thoughts zip in and out of your mind you gain a controlled perspective in processing all life circumstances. What better time than now to begin exercising your mind in this way? So what are these steps that thoroughly re-route the brain into remaining calm and consistent during tumultuous times? Follow each one in this order:

Step 1: Shift your Mindset & Set Up Your Space

     In order to center your mind a bit before your practice we want to let you know how you can use CBD oil to expand your meditative benefits. Select the CBD product of your choice and be sure to take it 30 minutes before you meditate. This will allow any anxieties of the day to be calmed so that you can focus on finding your center. While you’re waiting for your CBD to settle in, you can set up a nice quiet space to focus on your meditative practice.

     Using incense or some type of aromatherapy is always beneficial as your sense of smell will be heightened while your eyes are closed. Adequate lighting is helpful also as it will help you access your third eye. After you feel comfortable in your space you’re ready to begin the steps that will lead to a successful practice.

Step 2: Find Your Posture

​     Being in the seated position with crossed legs and good posture is important for
every other step in the meditative process. Having a straight spine in a relaxed seated position aligns all chakras, (main energy centers along the spine) and provides clear oxygen flow to the brain. 

Those just beginning to explore meditation may find that maintaining this posture can be distracting from the rest of the process. I highly recommend using a wall as a brace to support the spine and head effortlessly. A pillow placed below the seat is recommended as it drops the knees downward allowing the spine straighter alignment.

Step 3: Access Your Third Eye

     Once you are seated comfortably it is time to access your third eye. This is done by closing the eyes and directing your gaze upward between your eyebrows. You will see the visual of a round space slightly illuminated by light. In order to check if it is in fact your third eye you can place two fingers on top of your forehead where this visual is located and you will find that it disappears as you have blocked the outside light from illuminating it.

     This powerful space in the forehead that can detect light sources is your third eye and the point you will focus on during the entirety of your meditative practice. The more you evolve your practice the easier it will become to maintain your gaze on this focal point for long periods of time.

Step 4: Counting Your Breaths

     After settling in on the first two steps begin to notice your breath. Let the rhythm of breathing flow naturally and then start counting each inhale and exhale all the way up to 10. For example: Inhale, (1) Exhale, (2) Inhale, (3)...and so on. You will count this way until you reach 10 and then you will start over again at one.

Step 5: Clear Your Mind

     The only time you will veer from this pattern of counting and breathing is if you find that thoughts beyond counting begin to come in. This is very common while evolving your practice. The second you recognize any thoughts coming in begin counting your breaths at 1 again. You may find yourself only getting to 2 and having to start over. You may not reach 10 for an entire meditative session. This is totally okay and simply just you training your mind to have control over your thoughts. It isn't easy! The idea is to not be hard on yourself and embrace the process entirely. Keep it up and you will definitely reach the ability to center your mind on the process and clear your head of thoughts.

     This practice will allow your brain much needed rest that we aren't able to receive even during sleep. Meditation reduces anxiety greatly and can gradually resolve depression. It improves sleep and once you find a flow in your practice you can move on to different forms of meditation that improve different issues. Guided meditation is the easiest way to begin this practice and there are limitless resources online for guided meditation tracks. Please see the links below for our favorite beginner tracks and feel free to contact us at info@wellness.forsale for further resources and advising on starting your mediation practice.


*Each of these tracks have different guided variations of the techniques listed above:*

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What Do You Know about Your Endocannabinoid System?

What Do You Know about Your Endocannabinoid System?

      We know and hear about the different systems in the human body all of the time: The skeletal system, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system, etc. Most were discovered decades and even over a century ago. Therefore, our knowledge on these bodily systems is quite advanced. We know how to repair them, improve them, replace parts of them and we’ve made medicines focused on them entirely. Knowing they exist is common knowledge, right?

        What if there was a system in your body you didn’t know much about? That no one knew about until recently? 

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